This is how we work

Since our inception in 2011, we at Global Infotech are serving the graphics niche and showing the world our passion for creativity. Soon with rising client base and their positive feedback, we were inspired to enter into website building and providing web based services.

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  • To every inquiry we give plan and research to bring out the best we can.
  • No inquiry goes unattended.


  • Pricing is one of the prime aspects to which we have paid keen attention.
  • We are open to any kind of inquiry, whether by phone or email.
  • We love to listen what our clients are actually looking for, try not to miss out even a minute detail and accordingly consider pricing.
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  • When it is a matter of project detailing, we ask our client's the results which they want to be delivered through any of our product or service .
  • We try to collect all necessary details to proceed to next step of the project.


  • This is the phase where structure of product is framed.
  • Before any design is finalized there are many stages of feedbacks, suggestions, additions and subtractions which are discussed with our client.
  • This is an effort intensive stage of any project.
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  • Once designing phase is approved another important phase starts.
  • This stage reinforces the design which has undergone multiple changes in the earlier stage.


  • Before going Live, the product is precisely checked and tested (many times) on demo servers to ensure it's smooth working in it's live stage.
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  • After passing through different developmental stages and quality checks, our product finally goes live.
  • Depending on the product or service which is opted by our client, it's deliverance will be the same as decided in stage three of project detailing (refer above).


  • We constantly keep a watch on product performance and go on reviewing it so that the client gets the best of his investment with us.
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